Wednesday, April 20, 2005


For no apparent reason, I just want to blog. Let's start.

Today I found out that RoQ is even more talented in doing jayus lines that I am... and he did it with a poetic tongue as well. It was done in a similar line with Sontex's request to his G.A., the difference being his (Sontex's) was more straightforward. Probably I should resign from my position of jayusness and adopt a more crunchy/corny stance instead.

Tomorrow there is the French class... it's in the morning, and I barely had preparations for the class. I could only think of bringing my dictionnary, and of re-reading grammatical structure rules before going into the class. I also need to prepare for my entrance test tomorrow. Guess things have to be done A.S.A.P. before forgetting to bring something important. Tomorrow I'll also be having a work experience.

Poinky's computer is playing up today. Having a personal firewall and a Trojan horse destroyer would actually be beneficial.

Aaah, I'm losing my passion in writing my blog today... I couldn't forget how I could act so foolish despite all I have learnt. Seems like I want a two-edged sword hanging around me. Aaaargh... *hides inside the pantry*

(I'm lost for words, apparently.)

OK, that's it for today. Hopefully something good will come out of it. Take care...

Si tu vieras fe como grano de mostaza
E so lo dice el Señor
Si tu vieras fe como grano de mostaza
E so lo dice el Señor

Tu le dirias a la montaña
Mueve te, mueve te...
Tu le dirias a la montaña
Mueve te, mueve te!

E sa montaña se movera
Se movera, se movera...


Zoedelarocha said...

Dengan ini, saya SANGAT SANGAT TIDAK SETUJU dengan yang anda katakan. Karena saya, RoQ, tidak pernah merasa jayus ataupun bertindak jayus. Itu cuma perasaan saudara Marsha semata saja. Karena itu melalui comment ini, saya minta agar anda mengklarifikasi apa yg ada katakan.

Terima kasih

Horma saya

mukuge girl said...

Sdr. RoQ menerbitkan sebuah puisi, yang memberikan kesan yang sangat misleading untuk saudara2 lain yang membacanya. Terima kasih dan sekian komentar dari saya ^^