Monday, April 11, 2005


It often feels like I'm stuck up on a dead-end rut, and yet seconds later emerge almost unscathed.

After my graduation, weeks fly through. By this Wednesday, it would have been four weeks since *that* day. I've been doing things that can be conservatively simplified into "nothing much at all". I've been putting a considerable amount of brainpower into sketchbooks, soapmaking know-how, language lessons and law subjects (in that particular order.) That pretty much puts into perspective how I value my time ^^; erm, not well-organised, am I...

Back in high school, I have always thought to pursue art studies of some sort on a tertiary level. However, with the acceptance into my previous course, it was pretty much a dream material rather than a possibility. I am not saying that it would be better should the previous course had not happened at all; through those three years I learnt about a lot of things. Most of which cannot be gained should I chose not to go down that path back then. Apart from this fact, there are still many things to learn, which is why... I started filling my sketchbooks again. They will be of some use in the future.

It feels funny a couple of weeks ago I feel young in the sense of being one of the least-aged students to graduate, and also the youngest in the current DE pack. Yet, now I feel like being one of the oldest people to start again. Hopefully this dream is not an empty hope, after all.

Take care. This is yet to be a dead end ^.^

You paint a picture on the wall
'Cause you got a lot to tell me
But you don't think you can say it better
Oh baby

You know how many times I can't recall
I'm sure they made your point
But I just can't seem to remember

And I know you got the feelin'
And I can't say I'm agreein'
With your topic of conversation

So just listen to the reasons
And the hints that I've been givin'
To the thoughts of our imagination
So come on, let me sing!

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