Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Angel Eyes

An expectant woman had to be rushed to hospital due to complications with her pregnancy. If she managed to deliver a baby (or more) alive, she would be entitled to three months' worth of paid maternity leave. If she delivered a stillborn, she would be entitled to a week's worth of paid sick leave. When a woman is doing all in her abilities to deliver a new life into the world, and some other factors defy her, would her right/entitlement be reduced for something she has no control over? This is a puzzling question: deciding how one performs (and therefore should be rewarded) from an event that one has little control over.

According to managerial accounting theory, that's unfair.

Oh well, back to something less academic. I'm graduating tomorrow/today! It somehow seems like a waste of time to sit and stay put for 2+ hours to receive a piece of paper you paid with tens of thousands of dollars, blood, sweat, tears etc. It's a funny proposition to think of, after all. I will be missing out on the hats, as many other Bachelor graduates from Melbourne would experience, but that's still OK. There is something I actually want to avoid... the typical graduation photo pose! It's a good turn-off to have your picture displayed on a mantelpiece, with a cringe-worthy smile. I'll think of a way to get over this problem though ^.^ I'm also looking forward to have my pictures informally taken with Xeline, Pau and Dd. That would be great ^^

I'm still looking for a job, and still looking forward to get out of LLB (somehow.) The issues raised were interesting, though. I am reading a case where the legality of marriage is argued because one of the parties married to was originally a girl who underwent sex change operation because she had been feeling and living like a guy all her life. Well, he got married to a plain girl (let me be particular here), and they were arguing whether he was a guy to start the marriage off with. I'm honestly against sex change operations since I think it's not your place to change your sex as you change your wardrobe, but I'm also against people not acting out of their heart... both points are contradictory to each other. I guess to become a legal professional, you just disengage your brain from your heart. That is hard to do.

This makes me even think more that I do not belong to the legal profession, but the creative expressions profession. Sigh. My parents weren't thrilled with my current condition, let alone letting me choose which profession I will take up.

I had a chat with a good friend of mine a couple of days ago. The points he made really make sense, and they are eye-openers.

Also mentioning about the deviantart clandestine site: go here if you want to. There's a selection of arts on offer, and I'm happy to let you have it as long as you don't plagiarise it. I'll be adding more pieces as I go along... hehehe... I'm looking forward to try on the Painter IX program. Some people have said it practically is like a digitalised painting session, but I'm yet to try this on (still looking for a Wacom tablet soft-loan ^^; ) I'd try drawing Bandit.

Anyway, need to go to bed now. Take care! ^o^

So tonight I'll ask the stars above
How did I ever win your love
What did I do,
what did I say?
To turn your angel eyes my way.

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