Sunday, December 26, 2004

Over the Rainbow

Even though it's kinda late, but...

Happy Christmas, everyone! ^^

Why use 'happy'? (I've been arguing about this point endlessly for several Christmases by now.) Well, being merry does not imply happiness at all time. Various suggestions have included 'joyful' and 'gay'. To cut it short, I keep drilling the point that Christmas is a happy occasion but not necessarily a grand and soundful event that we see in shopping malls nowadays. Moreover, I wonder what kind of logical link exists in employing Batman lookalikes to the true Christmas spirit. My pariban agrees with me on this, even though he's just nine. At least that's an indication he thinks critically of the environment he lives in ^^

Working tomorrow and will have to wake up in 6 hours or so. Today chatted with a lot of people I've been longing to chat with, notably with Ron and PCT (not PC3). Talked about how to best rebound weird offers and confessions. I lack fluency and courage in saying no!! I need to learn more in this area.

Stella arrived safely (sans hubby, unfortunately.) She's off to her dad's hometown and will be back on Tuesday, which means we 18+ers will go out on Wednesday night. Can't wait! ^^ She looks beatiful, even more beautiful than when I last saw her. Ron and I speculated that wedding bliss might be the prime cause of the glow on her face. It's good to know.

About my cousin Tasia, well... she ended up coming for two days in a row, both Christmas and Boxing Day. We stuck pretty much together, which is great since we used to jeer at each other over 'who the first kid of Tasia's mum really is'. That topic is still a fresh joke, especially when her mum (my aunty) refers herself as 'Mother' when talking to me.

We had some cajoling happening in the kitchen... mainly about unexpected guests and guests not arriving on time (involving most people already sitting down and eating ther meal when a new batch of guests arrive). Mbak Parni deserves a lot of credits for her ability in keeping a constant flow of food from minimum resources - she truly is, as Rae dubs her, the Secretary-General of the House on CPT and its subsidiaries. She still fusses, whenever I call home, I should eat plenty of vegies and study well to this very day.

As for Christmas itself... ah, Christmas Eve. Something unexpected happened; it gave me an "oh, dang" reaction and kept me awake for some time. Lulling myself to sleep didn't help much so I woke up on Christmas morning with panda eyes. And so it happened again this morning, when I could not sleep for any clear reason, and woke up to get ready for a 6AM service. To exacerbate my nerves (and my grandma's as well), there were some emergencies, and our effort to get ready and leave on time consequently became redundant.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping it's not a Black Monday. Need a lot of energy to do some serious job-networking actions. Missing uni and a long, long~ holiday. Phew!

Someday I'll wish upon a star
and wake up where the clouds
are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true.

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TinaTina said...

Hey Dude,
Although I'm all for Christmas being happy... There are times when certain events and occurances which most tomes we are very much not in control of tend to spiral off track and in a-sense, wreck the 'happy' part of Christmas for us...
Hehehe... But I mostly agree with you, Christmas would most definitely fall into the catagory of 'Happy Occasions'. And Happy late Christmas to you too girl. Hope it was a Happy one... :P