Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Nobody Ever (Only You)

Today we had lunch at Ming (again), the reason being Devi is leaving to work at some other place with an intelligent-sounding job description: macroeconomist. Don't get me wrong; it's good since economists are amongst the people who think the most. And then again, since I'm not inside that particular circle of people, I just read The Economist.

(That was a short commercial break ^^; )

My pariban Edo is staying over for the night, mainly to accompany my grandma. Side note: pariban is a Batak term used to refer one's marriageable cousin (of a different marga/house). Sweet Edo is about 9 years of age ^^ He's really cute and chubby; there is a picture of both of us, taken when he visited Ompung the other week. I also miss Tasia, my tall-as-a-model cousin. It was a surprise to hear her voice change, she sounded like a seventeen-year-old girl over the phone. It is no longer the chirpy tone she used to chatter in. By the way, she is just thirteen years of age and will be graduating from junior high just after her fourteenth birthday. I've been quite insistent in having her come over for Christmas under the pretext of "long time no see, I'm here - come and visit." Hopefully she'll come along this Saturday.

About this blog's shoutbox, I've decided to postpone its installation until I find one that is suitable. Really sorry about that, especially to Tiny and Yaki.

Yesterday I went dancing and was half-unconscious doing the steps. The cause? Backache caused by prolonged sitting on a dodgy chair (see short-sightedness). It boils down to this: do your exercise early in the morning, or do not tire yourself too much while working if you want to exercise in the afternoon. Being half unconscious (yet totally sober) while doing dance steps are really bad since you pose some health risks for your dancing partner and yourself i.e. stepping on his/her feet, being stepped onto, bumping or being bumped, and having to repeat the same moves a good couple of times. It makes the whole exercise less effective. Nevertheless, I had a good time learning, and the reversible skirt helps give that peripheral effect of dancing the stress away in Spain ^^

There has been a marked and rapid decrease in my appetite. I still feel hungry but just lost the willingness to eat. It's simply weird.

Looking forward to the dayoff on Friday. I'm in a state of financial near-bankruptcy, and going out on Friday would not help much to it. Just so happy that I will have a free 16-hour slot to catch up with rest and life. Oops, the F button on my laptop is somewhat unhinged. Looking forward to come home and fondle satin ribbons. Looking forward to toss Brownie at home. Looking forward for the day to be courageously honest to come.

Living here, for now, somewhat feels like being in a gilded cage.

I've never felt before this kind of freedom
like a child dancing in the rain
I didn't even know that I was locked inside a prison
and only You could break me from my chains

No-one but You knew where to find me
You gave me life I never had before

Nobody ever loves the way that You love me
Nobody ever saw what You brought alive in me
Nobody ever knew how lost I was without You
Nobody ever, only You.

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TinaTina said...

Hey Marsha,
Its ok. About the chatbox, I'm sure we can wait... hehehe... Hope you find a really good one soon though... Take care yea