Monday, November 08, 2004


Hurray, I got a December-long internship in Jakarta! ^^ Looking forward to spending my holidays constructively - not in terms of earning extra pocket money, but rather in filling up my resume (working P/T at Myer during Christmas would easily earn big bucks.)

The main idea, apart from listing the internship in resumes to come, is to understand what will be involved should I take this corporate ladder-climbing lifestyle. How I would turn out after some odd 10 years is definitely of particular importance. I believe women should be allowed to work as long as their homemaking tasks are completed (which can be eased off, to some extent, with the presence of housemaids. I love housemaids ^^ more about housemaids later.) On the other hand, there had been times when I yearned for my mum to come and pick me up from school then take me for a midweek lunch at a shopping centre. I do understand she works so that I can experience the privileges she missed out on - the piano lessons, the trips overseas, early exposure to multiculturalism. That, in itself, is a blessing. She is extremely lucky too, to have both daughters grow up not being a pain in the head (altough we do sometimes shell out her wallet :q) I do wonder though how we would turn out to be if she had chosen to stay as a homemaker. Probably I'd be less inclined to work and neater than now.

Twenty is such a young age to determine where this life is leading... but if it isn't now, it'll be too late.

Back to the topic of housemaids ^^ ooooh yes, I love housemaids. It increases employment in general and empowers women. There are cases where these women are mistreated, but during my life I have never seen my parents mistreat one of our housemaids. They treat them really well; there are these two young sisters, one about my age and the other younger, who have been working at our place for more than 5 years by now. The quality of nutritions that they have access to is as well, and even sometimes better, than what I got (in my case it's the 2-minute noodles diet occuring throughout the semester.) My mum treats them to occasional shopping trips and try not to raise a sense of social inequality between her daughters and these young girls. My dad treats the girls like daughters; he would be some sort of protector for them. The other lady, a mid-aged one, treats me like her own daughter... and I treat her like my guardian/mother. She even shouts or get angry at me more than my mum does whenever I do something wrong! I have to credit a lot of my arithmetics skills to her, especially fractions division and multiplications. She taught me sewing and cooking, too. It's a weird family arrangement overall!

I'll be looking forward to meet them this holiday ^^

Other than the internship, I'm thinking of doing some other enrichment things while I'm in Jakarta. Some of them are (1) Machiko-sensei's manga lessons (2) Latin dance (3) Dressmaking and pattern-drafting. Probably cooking more traditional Indonesian food. And learning how to read/write/speak Batak, at least bits of them! I still get stares whenever I tell others I'm a Batak.

Lastly, I need to keep my feet on the ground. Shouldn't let my head float off.

Ummm... sorry, couldn't really figure out a song that would relate to this blog for now, hence the title. Good night, rest well, and keep learning ^^

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