Thursday, August 09, 2012

it's not meat fruit, it's meat dress

I came across this article regarding older people dressed in meat that forms a collection of artworks. It raises up a few thoughts regarding dressing in meat.

I did not pay so much attention to the fact that the meat dress was seen by the interpreter/commentator as something that looks offensive because it was meat on an old person. What I experienced was this vague awareness that the skin of the person in the picture was vaguely older, and that the texture of that beige thing occupying the visual expanse I would usually denote to feminine clothing items were interesting - no thought of meat or the feel of cold carcass on skin. It was just interesting and engaging. Scale and resolution of print versus screen resolution may have something to do with it.

Gaga is not the first one that did it, and even though it is the most publicised meat-wearing event to date, it's not the first. I have this obsession with finding out who is first to come up with ideas, and Mr Formichetti chronologically is not when it comes to wearing meat. I'm glad to find out wearing something made out of meat is a lot less pop than I had made it out to be (not that it's something I'd like to do).

I don't have to punish myself internally for not being so instantly popular. For someone whose career is often made or broken on the point of "whether people want to adopt my idea so much they are willing to part with their cash for it", it's quite a soothing point to learn... it's a revelation some readers may find a bit silly, but that's how I see it at the moment.

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