Monday, July 02, 2012


The truly famous don't need online networks to network, they just need to drop their names.

I hope I'm on my way there.
Not that I'm craving for fame, but because the industry I'm in is so amnesic a good whack on the head (in the form of a big name) is quite handy to have. I prefer to be famous professionally, and for all the right reasons too, just to make life easier.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Sylv over how some of us tremble at the thought of adding our more infamously difficult ex-teachers on Facebook. It's quite amusing to observe myself finally acquiesce onto linking with my ex-teachers on LinkedIn because, well, two years after graduation is enough time to grow out of the they-were-my-tutors mentality. Not to mention that LinkedIn is free of drinking-spree pictures, which means that it is politically correctly preferred than to add them on Facebook.

So yes, I've been recalling names and going through stacks of name cards to keep on top of my network. The best thing, really, is just to pop down for a coffee with the person in question.

Now, back to garment sampling.


johnorford said...

hope everything is going well - including the networking!

kungfu4d2 said...

makasih gan buat infonya dan salam sukses selalu

pokervita said...

bagus sob artikelnya dan menarik

togel4d said...

keren mas buat infonya da semoga bermanfaat

istanaimpian1 said...

ok sob infonya dan salam kenal