Tuesday, April 10, 2012

jaaaaa! neiiiiin!

So. I spent a good part of today sitting on the way from one place to another... expanding my [hopefully] mighty little tentacles of professional knowledge.

A friend of mine made cute elephant breads (with sausage cheeks and sausage smiles) over the Easter weekend. He's not geeky, his [fashion] designs are pretty respectable, he's not overly gay-flamboyant (he might even be straight), he cooks well, he's socially gracious, he's on Ben Sherman's ad as of the moment, and he is doing MA at RCA. Good man, I'm happy for him.

I remember him from college days as a hard worker, but not one who visibly sacrifices his personal life. Okay, fashion school is a substantial sacrifice of time and money, but he wasn't the type who adhered to the "school or die" philosophy... as a certain cross-dressing classmate of mine is was was prone to do. Is this type of life outlook what enables him to cross-fertilise his creativity from beyond the cutting table onto the kitchen table? Or maybe he learnt to make bread in his past life? Or did he get help?

I've been reading a little of Black Swan, so it's high time for me to shoot my arguments down "to cater to [my] hidden weakness for imparting explanations". And actually start creating the second, more complicated print design I need to come up with by the end of tonight. Such is my life.

Oh, and if you were interested, I had some TV time tonight. I switched between two programs, one about Kodiak bears and the other a culinary tour of Madrid.


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