Wednesday, February 29, 2012

0.068% of the time

Today is obviously the 14th 29th of February.
It comes once every four years.

There is an old tradition dating back to the 13th century that states women are allowed to propose to men on the day of the leap year. That makes it once every 1461 days. Four years ago my emotional head was messing around with me; four years before that a similar thing was happening (no, I wasn't thinking of marriages at the tender old age of 15 if you were about to ask me on earlier 29 Feb's state-of-mind). Which means that this is the first year I actually have my head around on this very special day, am mature enough to propose to a member of the opposite sex, and actually have the financial means to buy two very simple engagement rings.

Men and boys, I strike terror into your heart. Be meek and very afraid.
(There are still a few hours left.)

Other than that, happy leap year day!

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iheater said...

One of my close friends girlfriends actually ask him to marry her or that day and he said yes. If you don't take action than nothing will actually happen.