Thursday, September 08, 2011

a fortnight on

In the grand scheme of things, that thing came into being, stars got cajoled into alignment, et cetera. Which enabled me to stream through copious amounts of imagery, store layouts, lectures and gain some valuable tokens of thought. Discussions flow, both design-y and personal. Spare carnets got used up, new carnets bought, one's self chastised for not noticing the Navigo semaine deal.

I made it!
So yes, I did Paris.

This time around, the city gave me a different feel. Maybe it was a by-product of dragging portfolio across town, noticing the post-it note trend on office windows. Maybe it was the determination that focused me and bolted me onto finishing my work. Maybe the reason was as simple as my peers.

I feel the need to wash the slate clean - more like 'throw the rubbish out' after last fortnight's post, especially when things in life move so fast and in ways I didn't foresee before. I'm not a fan of bitter-tasting things, but sometimes some tartness (or acidity or bitterness) is needed to bring out the sweet flavour. If the previous post was nasty, this one makes it up.

Anyway, for now peace is restored.

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