Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I'm finding out that when I'm happy with work, I feel happy.
It's quite a different sense from 'contentment', which tends to feel a bit more complacent and not exactly task-busting. It's not a bed of roses, I actually do feel stressed at my wit's end sometimes, although this fact may be actively uncommunicated so that others do not freak out in response in unison. So yeah, despite the needle supply issue things are moving along. (I actually found the treasured pack of needles wrapped up in John Lewis paper bag, lying in a desk's drawer. It was kept secure indeed. But alas, now I need thinner needles.)

As is what has been historically true so far in the past few years, I have a list of things to do. From which I continually cross out two tasks done only to realise they gave birth to three different yet still strategically related tasks to do. Two steps forward, three steps back. I am glad that I like the technical part of my work (most days. Tee hee.)

I've got a huge shopping list.
It consists of mundane things like... fine beading needles (which is the best for handwork but bends easily), Prym's fine dressmaker pins (long and fine yet sturdy), sewing threads (the machinists specifically asked for them!), spare spiky tracing wheel and see-through pattern-cutting rulers (the spikes and marks are fading.) Along with colour cards, sample cards etc that I actually need and can lay my hands on - unseen things that make a good difference like lining fabrics, interfacing and a variety of tapes (bolduc, stay tape and petersham being three of them.) At a glance it sounds sad, really, that I can't find them here.

So what is something good that is available in Jakarta?
Someone said, "all the polyester you could want". Actually, surreal little shops. I've got a favourite place I visit at least once a week, where zippers of various types and length are bundled by colour and hung from the ceilings. That, and a lot of machine embroiderers. Yet my current work is devoid of embroidery.

Actually, it may sound geeky but I get really excited at these things. It's bed time though! I could talk forever about how a seam was turned, or how one could not know what a sailor collar looked like. Hmmm. But I want my sleep first.

Take care and have a good day.

P.S. I would also like to recategorize my labels/tags (along with the 400-plus posts in tow when the time permits) so I am looking for help in the name-the-tag department. And the read-and-reassign-tag department, if you're feeling generous :))
P.P.S. I still haven't gotten around to upgrading my mobile. Whoopsie.

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johnorford said...

sounds like you have a humming workshop there, best of luck!