Thursday, June 23, 2011

sharp rage

Having been unable to find my stash of JJ hand sewing needles (yes I actually bought packs prior to going anywhere!), I came across several sites offering it. Phew. That was, until all the e-shopping was done and it was time to specify shipping.

JJ's T&C says that it ships worldwide. Fair enough, until I told it to ship my things to Jakarta. To which it responded:

we don't do your country
Fair enough. Maybe 600 miles northwards would be alright? Singapore that is.

obviously, duh
But then I wonder if it ships to other third-world countries...

we do, of course, even though it's further away and more unstable than your country
Oh yes, I am royally pissed. If I could be arsed, I will give the sales team an earful later on today. And then there is the issue of Customs ever so happily grafting officials on this side of the world. They're lucky I still have an hour or two to cool down.

It is mind-boggling that Indonesia wants to outdo other countries in producing clothing, but good needles are so hard to find. Ditto with threads and trims.

P.S. it does Nigeria and Iraq, but it doesn't do Namibia. Scant hopes indeed.


johnorford said...

back in indonesia? vacation or for good (for the time being) i wonder...

mukuge said...

making use of spare time and arbitrage, I reckon...