Friday, April 29, 2011

tomorrow, or later on today

Right. Since it's not the first time I'm frothing at the mouth talking about this, I'll keep it nice and short. It's about two posh people getting married tomorrow, less than 10 hours now. I bet she has to be up nice and early, my sister had to get up at 4 to get ready for an 8AM event and she only had two hair and make-up artists to help her. (This one has seven!)

The dress
Ah yes, the dreaded betting. My money's on Philippa Lepley, solely because I work in the atelier on the dress she is the only one of the biggish names who put out job notices for two extra hand-sewers a few months back.
The dress itself will have a substantial train and some form of sleeves or shoulder covering. I'm putting this down with a time stamp now, made especially clear in RSS feeds, before every soul start assuming I came up with faint facsimiles of you-know-what. Actually, I got sick of sleeveless massive dresses the last time I did my wedding party rounds in 2008.

The groom
After much thought and soul-searching, there are three reasons why I am happy he is not mine. They are:
1. I'm not the clubby type, even though Boujis was 10mins away from home
2. I'm not willing to put up with random royal groping
3. Had he come from a normal family, his family backgrounds would've caused a consternation. So that's a "no" for a blatantly strategic alliance with an eye on the R-O-Y-A-L.
4. Premature male balding.

Not keen on it, as being a Westminster resident means that most of the roads will either tantalisingly empty yet blocked, or chock-full with revellers and well-wishers I can't cycle without crashing into every third jaywalker on the road. Tough times.

Going vs watching

Watching, because I value sleep/sewing time/home time so much I wouldn't want to sleep it rough on the pavement four days before they trot down the road (so I heard.) And the court officials suggest well-wishers to wear a hat so that they blend in looking like the guests. Hah. Stephen Jones should be put on a bed of freshly washed hair. (Or cleanly shaven head, if it was Stephen himself. That man can wear a greeting card and still look decent.)Late tonight I overheard that this woman at work got offered an invitation to the Abbey but she refused. Considering that an unofficial [wonky] camera phone recording of the event would be something worth bragging about for the next two decades, it was such a waste!

The bride
She's waited years for it. Hopefully there won't be any demonstrations or idiots staging terrorist attacks, because it'd mean they'd be upstaging the bride - why would one be so nasty to disrespect the bride's day? Even though I'm not a fan of her, I hope the day goes well, because so much hangs in the balance.

That's it for now. Enjoy the TV coverage, folks.

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