Wednesday, January 12, 2011

deep vs shallow

I have a love-love, like-dislike relationship with my two pairs of (ice) skates.

The issue about skate-grinding for me is the chasm between 'deep' and 'shallow'. Both my skates are conveniently sharp enough to cut a line on my nails, and to give an illustration sometimes I appropriate my thumb nails to tighten a few screws (i.e. they are hard), so I don't really have issues with the so-called bluntness. But, since I've been lately spending time to work out how well I can hold onto a potentially unstable stance, I've developed certain likes and dislikes to them.

My first pair has a get-out-of-jail grind.
My second pair has a jump-and-land grind, I think...
The difference between the two is, the first one (being shallower and more slippery) is easier to turn in, but the second grips the ice better (but leads me to think I'm making snow cones when I turn). One of the coaches allegedly has a super-shallow grind, but I've yet to scrutinise his blades to be able settle my mind on it. But then he was a national-team coach, so who am I to argue about that? The guy could probably get on a crappy pair of hire skates and still do awesome tricks.

So, for now, I'll keep switching between the two pairs. Although I should really grow up and stick to the deeper pair...

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