Sunday, December 05, 2010

after all these years...

...just realised that I was a ditz.
Finished dinner, washed the dishes, sat down. Drank water and took supplements (cod liver oil and glucosamine for the record.) Got up and turned on the kitchen tap to wash the dishes, only to realise they had been washed by these very hands a few minutes earlier.

It's amazing how allotting tasks to remember in short-term memory induces goldfish memory syndrome.

On the social front...

The pub across the road sounds enjoyable; something from Backstreet Boys is playing at the moment. Earlier on I ran down to check it out when a track from Outkast was playing - sounds like late nineties/early noughties pop music!
Anyway. I'm not hanging out there, but I guess tonight I'll benefit from its playlist.

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