Sunday, November 21, 2010

progress on the skating front

Yesterday, the adult learn-to-skate group I'm in passed the informal test and progressed to a higher stage. I am glad because it was about time to move on to something else! Such as going forward with one leg up and arms flailing ungracefully.

It was quite funny/frustrating that it took me a lot of unlearning to be able to stop (those instructors I had when I was 13 - grrr!), and now that I managed to do all the basic things correctly, I'm struggling to do what I had learnt when I was 13.

I do have little kiddo envy, because:
1. They're tiny enough for instructors to hurl and hold whilst they keep their feet up in air, so they can get a foretaste of 'what it feels like to hold that move'.
2. There's a lack of awareness that there are knives on their feet.
3. Arse-to-ground distance is one foot. Much lighter mass. Fearless, basically. At times like these, I wish I hadn't known anything about physics and the force of gravity. And therefore, when they jerk, they shake less.

So basically, I have to work on dropping my fear reservations issues to improve my balance because it translates into a very funny stance: neck craning, arse backward... not right at all (it's a pity how cameras are off-limits at the rink.) And start jumping higher, because although I can run fast, I don't think I can jump high enough to save my life.

Must eat more veg and dairy.

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