Monday, July 26, 2010

of colours and nuts

Hiya. This is a picture of mine. Now, what do you notice?

trilby's better than mortarboard
Today I intended to rant on about something more intellectually sophisticated. That is, until I went through blog updates and came across this article.

I am personally of the opinion that heuristics, in line with accounting theories, are believed to trigger correlations which may be illogical. But what I believe is more relevant is the amount of experience one has of wearing certain colours. For example, I got some flak for wearing highlighter red/orange tights because they were of a highlighter colour, even though they were proportionally balanced by vast swathes of navy and grey. Most people back home tend to pull that are-they-from-Monaco association flag and completely wrote off entertaining the idea of making it work.

I decided on the outfit pretty much in less than 30 seconds. Open dresser, pull out relevant skirt (because I wanted to wear something I've made myself), pull out jacket in an 'outfit maker' colour, pull out shirts for accent colours. Since I knew I would be drowned in a black robe, red was the better option. And, lucky me, I happened to have a pair of shoes that would set off the black robe. Say yippee to outfit creation.

I didn't think of the flag-colours heuristic when I got dressed, not until we got onto the taxi back home. I hope I've shed some light on how I get my gears together.

Ah, and now I remember what I wanted to say in first place.

A lovely picture of walnuts in the papers triggered it.
Some years back, I bought a packet of walnuts-in-shell for sentimental and [retrospectively] clearly ludicrous reasons. I don't know why it was walnuts-in-in shell in particular; I can't remember the sentimentality of it at all (not like it would help me get a job, or win £1 million.) But I remembered I had some plans and bought it, and scuppered my own plan by forgetting to take it with me. It'd probably be fun to remember what it was for. In the end, it just shows that no matter how I can hold onto small memories, I am prone to amnesiac outbursts.
Or, as I told Anne, 'Data deleted'.

Now, 'walnuts' is not as intellectually sophisticated as I pined to remember.

Have a good day.

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