Tuesday, July 13, 2010

better keep myself buckled

Back from cruise.
It's something I wouldn't really spend my money on, at least while my knees are still working alright, but I had a relaxing time indeed (thank you parents!) And some girly sisterly pursuits when the conditions are right. (Spare cash: check. Sister: check. Time: check. Language: monkey gestures suffice. My sister said communication will work out when one intends to do commerce.)

On the teaching front, my student's next proposed project initially looks like a leap. She herself wanted to make things she hasn't made before and 'not repeat', which is good on the progressive learning attitude to say the least. The challenge, I suspect, is largely mental for me. It is probably what it feels like if suddenly your kid grows 5cm taller over the night.

And yes, I am still job hunting. Offers?

Take care.


johnorford said...

It must be interesting having a student - do u find that you yourself are learning much?

mukuge said...

It's interesting to see different ideas she comes up with and solve them with her. And, being the archetypal Asian elder that I am, it definitely pushes me to be nth steps ahead of her.

pOInky said...

I saw the pictures from Paris trip. I wish I can tag along and maybe score an LV bag.... hahahhaa... But I made up my mind... we're gonna go backpacking around Europe in 2012!! ;)