Thursday, October 22, 2009

defense or counter-attack?

Hello again.

In the past few days I've been swimming around the issue of getting visual images that are tangible enough to present and contextual enough to write an essay on. And, as three days have passed since the initial 'your images are too intangible' verdict, here are further observations I've made:

Communicating with tutors
The 'initial finalised' visual imagery I chose speak to me and I can design from them; not so for my tutors. It seems like they want something noisier, loaded with symbolisms and layered with multiple meanings. The difference between what I see and what they want to see are like yōkan to trifle.

Dealing with noise and confusion
Back in Melbourne, I would've gone off to a cafe with a [boy] friend or two if I were stressed. But since good coffee in London is hard to find, and since I have an Italian stove-top coffee maker, I prefer to prepare and consume food instead. The food prepared and consumed range from meat loaves to apple crumbles, with a good dose of coffee washed down with water in between. As a result, I'm working my water filter more than a family of four would for a day's usage (filtered water is used for drinking, boiling, making coffee and filling up the electric steamer.)

The 'f' habit
'f' is a letter I would press when I'm laying out structure for a blog post. Why?
Because it's a key with a tactile 'orientating' bar I tap with my left index finger.

She does Guido Crepax too
Well, we'll see. Seeing her work reminds me of East End-flavoured mondofragile... or like my sister's enameled girl-kiss-boy necklace, but skinnier. I do notice cwc-i tends to favour this style genre for illustrations. And yeah, I checked her out because of her surname (wonder if Gina moves within this girl's circles?) But no, I found out about signore Crepax whilst visiting Milan - his books were the only ones I couldn't find on amazon.

Later bits
Alright then, that's it. I didn't buy fabric on Tuesday. I'm writing some parts of my proposal - there is a certain part of market placement I favour. I'm good[-ish] at doing market positioning but that doesn't mean the "thou art made for fashion marketing" label is a descriptive label for my sole existence in the industry. Maybe, as G&G mentioned, it is a favourite pastime the specialised British/English creative industry circles tend to do.

Take care!


johnorford said...

what's an example of an intangible image?

mukuge said...

in my case, it would have been real-life pictures of duvet that have yet to make it into the annals of contemporary art deposited in the British Library.

...hence 'intangible'.
(I'm betting she wants me to pull out some books on the Secessionists or Van Gogh, pick some images and write from there onwards. That is the state of elite fashion education nowadays.)

johnorford said...

hm, i still don't get it. sounds like u'r in the zone tho, so keep it up! : )

Bertrand said...

It seems to me that most tutors fail at grasping the depths of the conceptuality they expect from us. It is sad to see that people in charge, even in a supposedly cultural context, have such a superficial idea of what is culture.
I didnt even tried to get into the thick of my theme in my proposal because it was both too controversial to assume that they would actually make the effort to understand it, and because they seems more eager to witness a flow of popculture and trend awareness than to see any real reflections. I served them what they were after, I hope that will be good enough !