Sunday, May 10, 2009

(move move move)

Needless to say, it is daunting to sign my name on a money-draining flat tenancy contract.

I recently moved to a flat a stone's throw away from college. Guess it means there is no excuse for being late, playing truant or general-purpose slothness. Friends and classmates have warned me of the imminent danger and, currently staying alone, I must find ways of keeping myself productive throughout the day. As a note, blaming a brand-new bed is not within the scope of 'being productive'.

The previous occupant has kindly left me with a few cleaning products, but I still need to buy a new mop (and floor disinfectant) in order to mop clean the flat. I've decided to scrimp and save, and asked my now ex-flatmate's mom to lend me her spare crockeries and dining utensils... as well as one of her microwaves. As she will be coming towards the end of the following week, for now I'm making do with takeaways from work. It's a good thing the takeaway boxes are made out of some aluminium, so I could happily pop them on the hotplates to heat them up.

And... I think I'm missing a door for the kitchen. Gotta ask the agent where that has gone off to, and whether he can get one for me.

Also, I think I've got the home decorating bug happening. This is dangerous stuff.

The internet is, happily, not quite connected for now.
It's a strange response, but I find working in group works better without the 'net's distractions.

Alright then, take care!

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