Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 5

Most chronicled stories start with 'Day 1' or something to the effect of starting anew, but I'll start with this anyway... since I'm doing this on Day 5.

The weather was dreary when we landed on Wednesday, but it was quickly replaced with clearer skies (and soaring temperatures) over the weekend. Today it's balmy but not overly hot.

Today is also the last day of bake-off for the year at a certain ceramic cafe. I would most likely try to go there and paint/make something before the year ends, although I'm not fully committing myself to do so.

On the LAX-MEL leg of journey I managed to read through two books; one of them being the notable Animal Farm. If one manages to get past the introductory chapters (which are basically reviews of the book - skip it), the story is a modern-day fairytale with pepperings of socio-political issues. It's a thoughtful book that is at once amusing, and it's short... so go ahead and read it.

Other than that, I found perpetual Arctic sunset to be... strange.
And Arctic night to be of a certain undefinable wash of colours.

So, that is the update so far. Happy Christmas everyone :))

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