Saturday, September 06, 2008


Went out with Vinny, little Joshua, Ibeth and her (their?) mom today.

toilet tag team? Vinny and the jutek-faced boy
I don't have much to say other than travelling with youngsters seem to be a mammoth logistical task that can turn nightmarish at every idle glance. However, Joshua's cheerfulness seemed to break a few icy demeanours. He managed to run amok inside Harrods' foodhall, touched a few fresh produce, called oranges 'oranges' and onions 'oranges', gulped down a sugar cube AND two macaroons (sugar rush anyone?), and shook hand with a security guard. Not to mention his later fray to annoy the cleaners by emptying the contents of his biscuit bag on the floor. A little reminder: the kid is a whopping sixteen-month old.

Eating seems to be a constant battle of attention and boundary-pushing.
Needless to say, sometimes I wondered whether the tricks my parents and the maids did on me would work in the long run and be effective enough to ensure my kids eat well. Or maybe I should work out a few tricks now to use later in life...

grab the bar
Travelling on buses is okay if the weather is fine.
The tube travel experience was murder.
Nappy change time ranges from conversationally pleasant to ...assault to the olfactory.

Other than that, manoeuvring a pram/stroller is an acquired skill.

Tomorrow's battlefield is Spitalfields Market. Wish us well...

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