Monday, September 29, 2008


I was chatting with a friend of mine last night, and to me it confirmed a few things about friendship.

There are a few types of catalyst-motivator circumstances
Be it birds of the same feather flock, opposites attract, common goal or common enemy - these are legible enough reasons to cause people to stick to one another.

You'd feel/act/show partiality towards the other person
Unless you're an emotional masochist, I would be hard-pressed to find people who decide to hang out with their friends and/or posse to find no benefit from doing so. (We humans are selfish creatures.)

There will be times when 'friendship' is tested
A person who is not yourself is not you. As personality can be used as a mask, I do not discount the train of thought that there is only so much of another person we can understand. And as we open ourselves up to another person, that essentially gives them power to elevate or break the person within us. Misunderstanding will arise. Hurts will be exchanged. Trust me, it will.

Then, it's up to you to decide
...if you want to preserve your relationship with that person, or let it crash and burn. The most outstanding friendships are borne out of this baptism of fire.

I have had quite a few massive rows with some of my friends. Some ended with a spectacular fallout (no need to name names here.) Some ended with a fallout... and an almost shameful crawlback. Issues can remain unsolved - largely stemming on differences of opinion that, despite the chances of opinions converging, still do not converge.

However, genuine well-meaning relationships shine through and after the fire. If I had to draw up a list of ten most I-wish-I-have-wrung-his/her-neck moments of living, they would definitely involve people closest to me in at least half of them. Being hurt didn't stop me from cultivating the relationships I chose to be in. Why? Partially for pride, and partially because sometimes I see something of worth coming out from it.

As they say in ancient times, "love is stronger than death".


I've run out of things to say.

Maybe this entire post had just proved how tolerant I am to be on the short end of sadism friendship stick, how stupid I am or how noble I am (there goes my twopence for self-praise is no praise.) Go and have your own takes on friendship - each person's set of experiences are different, and you might even be vehemently against me. But then, at the end of the day I still wish and strive to be the last person proven right standing.

Written by an obnoxious, often inconsiderate, selfish and calculative person who may care more than she seems to care.

Have a good day ^__^

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strawhat said...

let me guess, that said friend must be an idiot.
being the victim sux big time but i believe the marsha i know is much stronger that that.
just stay cool and be yrself :)