Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adorned in Dreams

It's a bit freaky to look at the list of compulsory readings for this term's elective cultural studies (titled Production and Consumption) and realize that I had read most of them at my own leisure in my first year. I repeat: at my own leisure. *shudder*

Well, to me it means I still need to revisit them for note-taking.

It also means I need to find something interesting in midst of 'compulsory readings' that will propel me to go and read more books listed under 'Resources', and other loosely related bits and pieces of academic writings. All these, and I'm still keen to read The Tale of Genji. Maybe I should have six eyes that can read/digest three different books simultaneously.

(I wonder if I should have taken Fashion Photograph instead?)

1 comment:

Devi said...

LOL you are the second person whining about my poll's options!

I've been looking towards a simple and straight answer, not a "so-so". :D It's really confusing sometimes!