Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today (or the day after) is supposed to be the longest 'day' of the year. That means a lot of sunlight in a day! Going to bed 'soon after the sun sets' and waking up at dawn at this time of the year is actually doable without risking oneself to turn into sloth.

Ah, for those on the southern hemisphere, it'll be your turn by end of year.

Anyway, excuse this amnesic girl to meme away! ^__^

Quite recently re-celebrated... look through past posts if you fancy.
Anytime after today (unless someone has got a time machine.)
(see above.)

First day of going to school
16/07/90? That's for primary school, give or take two days. Take two years off for kindergarten.
First present
My existence - thanks mom and dad! :))
Noticed that I have so many fans
Mmm this is quite hard... in 2003?
First time winning a competition
I have won a number of things since I was a kid, but the one I remembered the most was winning the Bible trivia in sixth grade. I was like, "yes going to Sunday school pays off!!"
First time being asked to go out
Euh... can't remember. Some elder people close to me said it was when I was in kindergarten.
First time got a scholarship
2001 - only to turn it down.
First time going out
Can't pinpoint a specific date. I have numerous male friends since as long as I could remember, and since I mingle with them a lot, I can't really say when I first 'went out with somebody'.
And to be perfectly annoying, I 'have been going out' of home since my parents first took me on a family trip.
First day accepted to work
...huh? can't remember exactly when.
First day of working
Sometime in Feb 2003 - start of private tutor career
01/09/03 - first part-time job
01/12/04 - first full-time internship
21/07/05 - first full-time job
First month received my salary
(see above.)

Enough rants from me, it's time to sleep now! ^__^

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