Sunday, June 15, 2008

(missing person notice)

Okay, maybe I should've done this over eight years ago, or maybe I should've laid it to rest. However... I don't think writing a person off is something I would like others do onto me. Plus, the randomness that may arise out of the effort could be interesting to look into.
Hence, here's the notice.

I'm looking for Tomoaki Ishii (石井友明).
That is, surname: Ishii (石井). Given name: Tomoaki (友明).
Age: just turned 30 recently (if I weren't mistaken)

There are a few possible speculations of how his name could've been written out. Personally, I'd rather have a friend whose name translates to "Mr. Friend-Light Wellstone" over anything else. Oh, he told me his surname meant 'good stone'.

The right missing person would be able to verify he owes me a few million yen his birthday and a few other bits of non-intrusive personal information.

...and I hope he's narcissistic enough to Google his name occasionally (and find this post.) (And respond to it.)

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Teppy The Josephines said...

wish that i could help