Sunday, June 08, 2008

(across the sea)

So... I entertained the thought of living in Japan as far as getting myself to learn the language. But now Copenhagen catapults itself into prominence - that I-might-live-here kind of prominence. Why?

For one thing, daddies in Denmark get 14 weeks paternal leave. FOURTEEN! Compare it to the two to three days at my old workplace. This country wins hands-down.

I can ride a bike around Copenhagen in skirts/dresses, and heels. Yes... billowy garments and heels, the spiky 60mm type. I saw a few photos of women cycling and getting on with their lives and they look normal... by 'normal' I mean no absurd-looking contraptions strapped onto them. I once had the idea of taking a collapsible scooter to uni so that I could scoot to and fro' the train station (as opposed to walking) yet my sister vetoed it because according to her "it wouldn't work with the way you dress". Well sister, apparently it worked for these women.

Other appealing factors include its position in Europe, the easier transition into Danish life (most Danes are bilingual) and the fact that I've never been there! What adventure ^^

Oh, the tax rates are atrociously high though.

I shall look into this matter further.

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