Friday, May 23, 2008

(eggy goodness)

I love good food.

However, one of the last things I would do is to slave away for one-and-a-half hours in the kitchen to prepare a meal at the end of a long day. I'd like to share a nifty recipe for a quick and quite nutritionally balanced dish, one that I learnt on my first few days studying away from home... thanks to dad (I modified it, though.) It's suitable for vegetarians - sorry vegans, haven't quite worked out how it'd be for you folks. The best thing about it is: it doesn't involve any cooking pans' washing-up afterwards.
So let's get started!

One-bowl egg wonder

1 decent-sized egg (chicken, duck's, geese... but not quail's!)
A handful of thinly sliced/chopped soft vegetables
Salt, pepper, seasonings...
Optional frankfurter or sausages, finely sliced or chopped
Steamed rice or noodles, to serve

layer it nicely...
Get yourself a microwave-proof bowl or deep (but small) dish
Something made out of ceramic or pyrex works wonders; try not to use melamine or plastic and steer clear from metal dishes.

Layer/arrange the vegetables on bottom of bowl
Season lightly, as you will season the dish again towards the end.

Crack the egg open
If preferred, the egg can be beaten up prior to being poured into the bowl, but I usually find it unjustified to soil a perfectly fine and clean bowl. Try to distribute the egg evenly. Season lightly. If you choose the sunny-side-up method, remember to prick the yolk... I will not be held responsible for protein time-bombs in microwaves! ;)

Layer/sprinkle the optional meaty stuff
Arrange it as well as you can... this is the stuff you will see sitting on your table (or served to guests), so at least it looked like you made some effort to prepare it. Plus, it saves you from having to clean any accidental spatters from the microwave later on.

Microwave time!
Microwave on high for 60-90 seconds. Check, then continue heating for another minute if you like your egg well-done. Don't be tempted to do the microwaving in one shot. The break is important for two things: to prevent heat build-up and to check how your dish is cooking.

In the meantime...
Serve rice or noodles in another bowl, top with any fancy toppings you want, wash the knife and cutting board, wait till microwave says 'ding' (the bowl can be very hot.) Enjoy!

ta-dah! tonight's dinner
- you can be truly lazy and pop your rice on the bottom of bowl (before veg)
- if you decide to pop your rice in with everything else, make sure you coat your dish in clean water to prevent rice from sticking and giving you a hard time at washing-up... since your aim would be to cut down on prep/clean-up time
- use sliced shiitake mushrooms, beat the egg(s) and steam the dish... you'll end up with a chawan mushi
- stick to soft vegetables... this means things like tomatoes, onions, peppers/capsicums, mushrooms, cucumbers, broccoli, mange-touts and leafy greens. Stay clear from root vegetables as they are prone to undercooking and you'll have to peel them too!
- topping tips: nori, spring onions, pickles, cheese...?
- I don't coat/spray my microwaving bowl with oil, but you can do so if that's your fancy
- experiment with different seasonings to achieve different flavours... yes, it can be fun :)) (my basic ones are good-quality salt and pepper)

on the left... chicken. on the riiight... duck.
Anyway, that's all... I've enjoyed today's experiment with duck's eggs. I only have had the green salted ones before... and I've never expected them to be so big and with such translucent shells!

playing this game just got trickier
Have a nice day, and bon appetit ^__^

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Asia'h Epperson said...

Nice and quick recipe! I have found that often times a quick and simple "meal" in the microwave is so much better than a full blown cooking fest for dinner.

Plus, it's usually much easier to clean up! ;)