Wednesday, May 14, 2008

(daun kelor)

It was a pleasant suprise to find out this girl is merely one degree of separation away (alert thanks to qunang).

Well then, I've been enjoying anonimity to a point of indifference. To many people I meet everyday, I am oddly average... or am I ordinarily odd?

Maybe the extent of 'the world' I circulate myself in is comparatively small, and hence it's easier to find links between random people and those I know. If one works in applied quantum physics, then his or her 'world' is highly specialised to an extent one may personally know each other. However, looking at how people on my Facebook friends' list relate, It's also possible to conclude my 'world' consists of a few separate spheres which occasionally intersect.

Then, maybe after all... dunia selebar daun kelor.
Who knows?

Now off on a tangent: here are pictures from today's hair modeling session. Sixty-five years ago, it would've been unimaginable to have a Japanese guy (with the help of a translator and a Caribbean-descent supervisor) cut an Indonesian girl's hair. What a dramatic change the past few decades has experienced, and to the existence of us all... vive la diversité!

(Next thing I know I might be crying out le roi est mort, vive le roi etcetera... xD )

the amount of hair cut away by... halfway through the session
checking out!
Seize the day.

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Marisa said...

The world is indeed small enough that everything that we do can have an impact on others in an erratic domino effect.

And this,
"le roi est mort, vive le roi"
..reminds me of Enigma.

By the way, this is my first time here. So, hello! Please stop by at our blog and start the linear sequence.