Friday, March 28, 2008

(take my breath away)

It takes me a number of years to understand what my uncle said.

He once said that the house we lived in in Melbourne was "like a hotel". For me (back then), it was a... house. Sure it was a nice place to stay in but it was a house nevertheless - no butler services or indulgences of such nature.

Then straight I came from London.
The house seemed so.......... big. Roomy. Airy. Flooded with natural light.
(The beds and bathrooms are nice, too.)

Maybe it's just now I am learning to grasp the realities of renting out a place as a student, or in other words as anak kos. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my holiday as much as I can. Here's to two more weeks in this wonderful place.

the entrance as seen from top of stairs


Devi said...


eh tapi itu lantainya terbuat dari kayu ya kayak rmh2 di melbourne juga? ga bisa lari2 donk, bisa berisik ga karuan hahahaha..

mukuge said...

yg biasanya lari2 anjing gw sih... tapi gara2 itu dia di-ban dari dalam rumah - berisik dan bikin lantai rusak. Berseluncur pake wheelie chair juga bikin ribut hehehe xD

B-a-r-r-y said...

Memang benar kalau saat kos everything looks very small :)

BTW, apik rumahnya ya.