Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey! Get out of my way

Before we start, let me share something awesome a person on some part of the world has done with paper and cutting devices. Great video.

With nine days to submission/project completion, I still have plenty of things to do in hand. Oh, and also a wedding to attend.

Yesterday I went to Shepherd's Bush to buy more fabric again (yeah... we know the drill.) I was quite pleased that, despite the astronomical cost of jersey fabrics, denim is quite affordable at around £3-4 a metre. Now why do designers charge outrageous prices on jeans again?? Must be branding. (Uh-oh.) Anyway, I set out with £10 in pocket, confident that I'd get two metres of denim and use the change to buy some fruits.

The fabric store I went to was unusually busy for weekday early afternoons... hmmm... must be fellow students frantically buying fabrics. I couldn't find the bolt I wanted and so joined the long queue of customers waiting to be served. After an inderteminate amount of time (thanks to Wania for waiting for me), the guy who served me went high and low to find the elusive bolt of denim... only, after checking the storeroom twice, to find it was completely gone and there'd be another week before the store is having it restocked.

Great... not.

So now, my denim is no longer thick, stiff and grey-white; it's either mottled blue-brown or brown-khaki and - most importantly - soft and easily mouldable. Definitely a point to be grateful on, especially when I just spent an entire morning trying to sew on patch pockets with every type of threads I have on hand and failing miserably.

...and I guess KY's feat of French seaming an entire pair of trousers is the stuff of legend (the website ain't his.) It ranks highly on my list, along with Anne's feat of perfectly sewing a sleeve opening into the bodice's armhole.

Guess that means I still have plenty to learn.
And if you're wondering what fruit I got with some change, it was £2.40 worth of plums.


Devi said...

You must be very very busy. A wedding to attend, is it your sister's?

Thanks for dropping by, anyway :)

mukuge said...

nah, it's two friends', Mark and Viv... xD

Devi said...

Oic. Hehehe.. Kirain :P