Saturday, September 08, 2007


My sister has a... weakness.
Whenever she comes back from the cinema, she would be most predisposed to share about her excitements and, unavoidably, the storyline of whatever movie she just watched. This situation has happened to a number of must-see movies (I could accurately recall her blabbing about these three blockbusters), and De-Lovely was no exception. It usually takes me several years to un-memorize whatever voluntary reviews she shared with me, after which I would start the hunt for movies on DVDs.

Let's say she was very impressed with De-Lovely she immediately proceeded to purchase the movie's soundtrack CD. I have listened to the CD's tracks to death since then, and have come to love some of them. The songs gave me a definite (if not slightly hazy) idea of the movie's major story arc. However, I still had lots of "huh? Shouldn't it go this way..." moments while watching the movie. The songs - which have a general upbeat jazzy mood - concealed a darker struggle the characters had to deal with. And yes, I find this concealment idea interesting...

All in all, it was good entertainment. To forget today's the last day of the proms! And it's held not far from where I live... D: Luckily, I still got to see the fireworks. Also, I blabbed about the proms on this blog at this time of the year last year - wow o.O

Finally, I'd say I'm utterly thrilled with the level of service Amazon doles out to its customers. I purchased the De-Lovely DVD late Thursday afternoon, and received it through the mail today... just in time for Saturday night movie-watching.

It does make me feel relying on eBay for better price (nominally) may turn out to be false economy - I'm still waiting for my copy of this book to arrive! There are only three weeks of vacation left, and I'd like to try out a number of things this book instructs upon, so having the book in hand as early as possible helps.

Alright then, have a good weekend ^__^

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