Monday, August 20, 2007

(a rose would smell as sweet)

Late night, or rather... early morning entry.

I came across this gardening article on Rose of Sharon, also known as Shrub Althea, and feel compelled to post my response upon reading.

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"Rose of Sharon is a late bloomer"
Yes, would love to believe so... as long as it's not too late.

"Family lineage connects it ... with other members of the mallow family, including cotton, hollyhock, okra and - believe it or not - even marshmallows"
Cotton? I love Swiss cotton shirts, they feel like silk
Hollyhock? Drought-resistant and have long taproots, wow :))
Okra? Love eating them sauteed :E
Marshmallows... the plant? The humble marshmallow confection started its life as cough suppresant, so it is useful (check wikipedia for more information.)

I didn't expect it to be so hardy... oh, and by the way, it's not a rose.

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