Friday, January 19, 2007

Wall and Piece

do you want me to sweep you under too?
need graffiti removal?
Last month, I was going through my list of possible researches. On the suggested list of artists (which are often composed by proper first and last names), the name 'Banksy' pretty much stood out. His works are often bordering on the illegal side of things, but they stand as a refreshment in the midst of the often stuffed-up world of art. The controversy and myth surrounding his true identity and his track record with the Met (a.k.a. the policemen and -women of London) only fuels to his rise to fame.

I have gone through Wall and Piece twice, each time snickering happily at the satirical jokes he pokes at the establishment... although I wouldn't consider him as a pure anti-establishment graffiti artist. He's just rebellious in a refreshing way ^^ However regular and strict our sense of decorum may be, there is always going to be a part of human character that is slightly offbeat and evil, no matter how rational and proper humans attempt to be. Banksy's
works are what makes me think of tagging as a public nuisance, but of proper graffiti art as a means of providing some food for thought.

If you still believe he has not the slightest eligibility to be considered an artist, let me say one thing... how many people get their artworks auctioned in Sotheby's while they are relatively new to the art scene, with a starting bid of over £100,000?

Well then, I rest my case ^^

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Devi said...

OMG starting bid of over £100,000? Man he must be very good artist. I don't really understand about art esp. those abstract images..but well that's a lot of money..tsk-tsk-tsk