Saturday, November 11, 2006

The One Thing

Hey hey ^__^

I came across this article on Hubble Telescope while browsing/surfing online. By the article's subject, it is somehow bound to generate a lot of opinions and differences in perspective. Honestly, I love cosmology and the studies of heavenly bodies (as those stars and galaxies are alternatively referred to). Since humans started recording their states of being, there are records of the sky. To cut things short, here are several simple reasons why [I think] heavenly bodies exist:
1. They fuel our desire to advance sciences. Insulating materials and gravity-free pens are pretty commonplace nowadays (although the later is still a bit pricey), and both hailed from supplementary researches into keeping humans alive and working well in space. Why send humans into space? Because, believe it or not, we want to see how far we can physically go.
2. The sight of heavenly bodies is a vitamin for the soul. We anticipate shooting stars and look forward to watching meteor showers and eclipses; I personally love looking at the starry night sky. It makes me go 'wow!'
3. Heavenly bodies exist as they give livelihoods to scientists and astronauts dedicating their lives (and making their living by) studying them. IMO, this is very very important ^^

As for myself... having to live on a budget is definitely fun and creative, if not life-changing.

I'm glad I found out how to grow crystals on rusty wires, but I'm concerned about how to arrange the wires before dipping the whole thing into a bath of calcium sulphate concentrate ^^; Oh well, I am getting the concentrate tomorrow for sure. Sea salt and Epsom salt just don't cut it - they crumble when pressure is applied.

I also find designing pantalon/pants to be more difficult in comparison to designing skirts and dresses - that's probably because I don't wear pants often enough (huh?) Friends and colleagues would certainly sing in unison if asked what Marsha would wear today - it's likely to be a skirt or a dress! Meh... this is something I need to closely work on 9__9;>

Alright, have a good Sunday ^^ take care!

I've questioned significance
Meaning and relevance
Does the work I'm doing really matter at all?
Well I've questioned my friendships
Alliance, dependence
Who will still be here when I fall?

But the one thing I don't question is you
You really love me like you say you do
So hold me, hold me
Hold me
Hold me

Only one thing doesn't change
Only one thing stays the same
All I know at the end of the day is your love remains
Only one thing doesn't change
Only one thing stays the same
All I know at the end of the day is your love remains

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