Monday, September 11, 2006

(snacking on an Apple)

As a devoted user of graphic manipulation programs, the naughty thought of hosting an Apple computer at home was irresistable but nevertheless seemed like a dream. The closest brush to owning an Apple was when I returned to Indonesia last year, being offered to choose a computer (ahem, a PC-based machine) of my liking. Indonesia is a staunchly committed PC nation, no need to wonder why.

I have been having a lookout for close to a month, and rather intensively for two weeks by now. It's rather enticing to purchase an iMac over a custom-built PC, although the price of a 17" MacBook Pro is still prohibitive. Sure, there will be teething problems like waiting for universally coded programs... but the harddisk can be partitioned to facilitate both Windows and Mac. It might be able to be reconfigured to fully run on Mac when these programs come out.

As for its PC-based laptop contender, HP Pavillion's dv8333 is still on consideration. It has in-built memory card reader (but then you can buy one of those for £10), yet the 17" display is not as bright and vibrant as I expected. I'm going to find out about whether I really need a laptop at uni. If not, I might be able to get a 20" (!) iMac for the kind of price HP commands. The iMac would have better display, too...

I do have some interesting pictures I came across while roaming around the web today, but I haven't quite figured out how to post them on Blogger beta (made the switch last night.) The switch makes it possible for me to post according to the time where I'm stationed right now, so hooray for that! ^^ I'm still working out what features will be most beneficial... oh well. I'll get back to it tonight.

I better get going now. Will get back with some sort of interesting news later on. Take care!

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