Monday, September 18, 2006


It turned out I'm not the lone economic-minded person in my class: Adele has a Masters degree in accounting under her belt. Yay! ^^

The infamous 'equipment list' (cue word for "fork out your cash and plastics") was finally out today. I was lucky the college shop had already run out of things when I got there; it meant I would have less pressure of getting my things then and there. It also meant that I would have a chance to find something different, too... SoHo was littered with fabric and art shops, and I managed to pick up a neat A3 folder with bonded leather cover. It's definitely a stand-out to what most people will have, and it will be less likely to be accidentally swapped with somebody else's. Worked out to be cheaper, too ^^

I have been doing my finances for the couple of days, and the outlook is rather ghastly. It is a totally different experience to subject your spending patterns to merciless classifications and tough analysis in place of another company's checks and balances. Groceries were a bit steep but I was expecting it to be so, given the state of the food cabinet shelves and my allocated space in the fridge. I eat a lot. At the end, the largest outlays were for basic eating out (out of hunger) and snacks. Er, yeah.

(Marsha going through 6 hours without food? That is rare.)

One interesting fact to know is that my college has a digital fabric printing machine. They cost a fortune, but luckily now it turns out I would need to neither buy nor rent them. Sweet! :D So that's where all those tuition fees go to...

There is this current issue in London whether fashion shows should ban size zero (read: super skinny) models. To be statistically correct, size zeros are not the norm; they are the exceptions. The general public subjected to these campaigns are general (read: within the normal ranges) and consequently one is less likely to have a size zero body... unless you're blessed/cursed with a hyperactive thyroid gland or weird genes. A person should never force oneself to be what one is not; that includes accepting one's body size and not coveting others. Hmmm... I like fuller figures too, but I don't think sending size 16 models down the catwalk will improve people's body image in the long run. Trying to become like what the models are like (whether they are svelte or curvy) does not cure one's insecurity; it simply fuels the desire to conform to 'the ideal body' even more.

Well, I have very little to complain for. Going through life is like driving in the countryside: the road has bumps, but it also has plenty of good views to enjoy. One last sentence to sum this post up with:

"Dreams are vitamin for the soul."

Good night! (Or rather, good morning ^^)

One day she passed him by
A twinkle in her eye
He said "she was meant for me!"
But when he turned around
He lost what he had found
Oh where can his Lilly be?

Lilly comes when you start to call her
Lilly runs when you look away
Lilly leaves kisses on your collar
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay!

He searched the city streets
He tempted her with treats
But nobody stopped to taste them
Some are in his pocket
Some are in a locket
He couldn't bring himself to waste them

Ever since she's gone
Some days he can't go on
She ruined him for another
Pressed up against the glass
He prays that she will pass
Now he's living with his mother

Lilly comes when you start to call her
Lilly runs when you look away
Lilly leaves kisses on your collar
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay!

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Mely said...

Andy Sachs: Doesn't anybody eat around here?
Nigel: Not since two is the new four and zero is the new two.
Andy Sachs: Well, I'm a six...
Nigel: Aha, the new fourteen.

-- The devil wears prada --

and i'm a ten (occasionally eight) which maybe the new twenty? hahaha.

i'm pretty happy with my weight though i can lose a bit for more ideal figure.